Baby Bows & Hair Accessories
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Baby Bow is a bow made of ribbon and material to look like a bow as in bow tie but has much more added to it because your baby is special. Baby Bows come in many sizes, shapes and colors. We let you specify how you want your Baby Bow to look like so that you get exactly what you want. If you send us a picture of the Baby Bow you want made we will duplicate it as close as possible. All our baby bows are home made in Texas and guaranteed to satisfy or your money back. Dress up your baby or young girl for that special occasion with one of our hand made bows. Every bow is uniquely made by hand and much care is given to detail. There are many sites that make baby and young girl bows. We hope you choose ours.

For Babies and Young Girls
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We specialize in creating quality handmade hair accessories, bows, headbands, hair clips,  for your little princess. Hair and Head accessories, each designed uniquely and different just like your kids!

         Bows Made To Order
Supply us with a picture of the outfit or outfits you want us to custom make the bows for at time of order. You can also email us a picture of the outfit.

No pictures are required for basic colors. Just let us know the colors  you want. View our basic colors Click Here

Prices Are As Follows:
Basic Color - $8
Made to order Hair Accessories $15

Beanies - $20